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Intensive Yoga Teacher Training

Intensive yoga teacher training can be a difficult path to take. The main reason is because what “intensive” yoga is, is often very unclear in the minds of practitioners. Many schools offer classes in “intensive yoga” that can often be labeled as “power yoga” with an eye for attracting customers who believe that can gain more from yoga in a shorter time. These may be intensive courses, but it does not necessarily mean they are more practical or deliver results faster. Some classes are just simply relabeling their standard classes to appear more competitive compared to other yoga schools.

However, unfortunate this circumstance may be, there are classes that are more intensive than standard yoga classes and it is possible to become a teacher of such a class. Nonetheless, there are a few caveats.

First, there is no one certifying group that instates teachers as with many other professional groups. There are alliances of schools and so forth, but none of these courses guarantees acceptance by other schools. Unfortunately, this leaves much up to the student. Still, these courses can provide invaluable experience and instruction on how to become an excellent teacher, but they should be taken with the realization that they are not a ticket to an immediate position.

Second, because of the nebulous nature of the definition of this genre of yoga, it’s best to ground yourself in a traditional form of yoga. This will never harm your chances of becoming a qualified yoga teacher. Instead, it will make sure your form and principles are well-structured such that you can use them towards a more intensive environment.

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