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Power Yoga Teacher Certification

Power yoga teacher certification is not a well-defined path. The term power yoga itself is already a nebulous term that can be applied to any number of disciplines, classes and methods. Though not strictly a branding term, it is often thrown against the wall (so to speak) by many companies seeking to extend their appeal to a wider audience. Nonetheless, there are a few things to keep in mind about what power yoga is - a more fitness based approached to yoga that lessens the emphasis on chanting and many other meditative aspects of the yoga discipline. Many people often do these classes in addition to traditional classes to balance the different aspects of their physical fitness.

A certification for this type of instruction is offered by a few different large groups and alliances of yoga teachers. Though there is no overall governing body of approval that officiates certification, there are a few distinct groups that offer classes that lead towards a certification. However, because of the calisthenics involved, it’s best to plan well for being a teacher, regardless of the certification required.

First, plan to have a good aerobic background in traditional western style aerobics. Many of your students may end up quite skilled in this regard so it’s best that you can outpace them as necessary. Second, have a good foundation in traditional yoga. Though it may lack the aerobic aspect to it, it will contain more information about the correct forms of yoga than simply power yoga alone. Third, know power yoga well. There are many variations of power yoga, so depending upon your circumstances you may end up being employed in variation that you are not completely familiar with, so it’s best to spread as wide as a net as possible.

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