Yoga Teacher Training
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Yoga Advanced Teacher Training

Yoga advanced teacher training is not as difficult to come by as many introductory teacher training courses. As a professional group, yoga teachers do their best to improve their own yoga abilities as well as the skills of their teachers to transmit knowledge of their students. However, these courses are not as well-defined as a post-graduate degree may be, and because of the specificity of many yoga disciplines, they may be difficult to find depending upon one’s discipline. Nonetheless, they are available and are well worth taking for any existing teacher to constantly hone their skills.

These courses often take the form of week to month-long retreats that take place far away from one’s standard realm of practice. Though, they can be luxurious at times, it’s important to remember the purpose of these trips - to improve your abilities as a teacher. With this in mind, it’s important to way the expense. Often a pricey course is expensive only because it is far away, rather than actually imparting a huge amount of knowledge. So carefully examine the details of the course and weigh its prospective benefits over its cost and time away from one’s students.

Though many courses may not excel your abilities immensely, it’s important to also regularly network with other yoga teachers. Their knowledge, anecdotes, friendliness and techniques may supplement your knowledge and improve you as a teacher more than any specialized and rigid course may have. It can cost a lot to go to Bali for a week, however the act of relaxing with fellow teachers is an important part of the process of being a professional teacher.

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