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Yoga License and Certification

Yoga license and certification has become a popular idea on the Internet, and many online schools have cropped up to feed the interest in this topic. It makes sense that people would go looking for a way to ensure the process of a career, as is available in many other fitness arenas. However, yoga, unfortunately, does not have a simple answer to this demand. There are many places to obtain a level of skill certification, but unfortunately no single place to simple assert the skill to teach. Instead, the process is much more nebulous and richer than simply taking classes and getting a piece of paper.

First, let it be said that there are certifications available from a number of national yoga groups. Nonetheless, they are not guaranteed paths to success or to even a job. Instead, they will provide a strong foundation in the disciplines offered and give you invaluable experience towards becoming a teacher. But like many ideas in yoga, it is but one step on a long journey that is constantly being refined.

Instead of trying to find a good school as it were, focus on developing your own skills as a student under your current teacher. Once you have refined your skills to a high level, you’ll be in a much better position to transmit them to your students, when you get them. For many larger yoga groups, the existing teachers often need assistance with immediate and beginners classes and these are a great place to gain real teaching experience that can be useful when you may want to make the jump into professional teaching.

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