Yoga Teacher Training
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Yoga Teacher Certification

Yoga teacher certification is not a distinct process like becoming a teacher in many other regards. In North America, there is no one single body that officiates all certification for yoga teachers. Therefore there are a number of different certifying agencies and groups that have courses to certify a teacher’s level of skill and years of experience. Nonetheless, there are many cases where teachers do not have any certification at all, but are still successful in their yoga community and are well regarded as excellent teachers. If you are interested in becoming a teacher, there are a couple things to keep in mind.

Certification does not mean you will actually get a job. Even amongst groups that have previously recognized yoga teachers with the same certification, most positions are held by people who are properly vouched for by other teachers or who an existing level of professional experience. So always keep this in mind.

Second, certification focuses on your ability to transmit your knowledge to students. It does not give you special skills that are outside of the standard student’s repertoire. So don’t jump into teaching because you want to attain certification for its own sake.

Certification can be a long process, just like any teacher certification, and it’s not the final step towards becoming a teacher. It’s step, albeit a big one, in the door of becoming a professional.

There are many different schools available. Many of them are regional, so look around to find not only the most convenient, but the one that best suites your interests.

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