Yoga Teacher Training
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Yoga Teacher Training Program

A yoga teacher training program is not something that is offered at a bunch of universities or colleges across the country. In fact, it may be very difficult to find a course that meets your needs and interests, as there is no specific group that can country-wide certify you as a yoga instructor. Instead, there are a number of alliances and professional groups, many that own a number of yoga studios, that can certify a level of competency in their particular field of yoga study. Studying at these places won’t mean that you automatically gain a job in the yoga field, however they will be a tremendous boost to your level of knowledge and your chances of becoming a yoga instructor.

Another option for those interested in becoming a yoga teacher is to see if your current yoga studio offers an understudy program. These courses are not as well defined as professional associations’, but they will put you directly under a person who can put you right in the mix of becoming an instructor. Most often, you will teach small groups of students, usually beginning or intermediate, and receive a discount on your personal tuition and supplies. These are a great option as they allow for you to get a head start on actually teaching classes, real world experienced that can be used to get jobs in the future. Additionally, through this form, you also gain professional contacts with the teachers, who can recommend you for other jobs in the future and vouch for your skill level.

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